• Low cost big returns!

    Helping customers in a time of need!

    We assist customers with auto-response text messages. Find any item anytime without the hassle. Just send a simple text to the the Txtcore Find by text message system and get an auto-response back. Get an answer back instantly stating where that item is located.

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  • Helping Customers 24/7 across the globe in any language

    With Auto-Response Texts (SMS)

    Send a text and get an auto-response back stating where that item it located. Absolutely no apps to download. Now supporting all stores world wide.

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  • Across retail

    Another means of support

    Customers could now find that "hard to find item" instantly with there cell phone by utalizing sms auto-response text messaging. 24-7 365 days a year

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"Increase customer loyalty with a more effecient, effective, dependable, means of customer support!"


Text the word "Trash bags"

Your item "Trash bags" is located on aisle 44 and thank you for shopping with us!

Our system supports multi languages auto-repsponding in any language. Text: Unas - Response: Su articulo Unas se encuentra en el pasillo 14 y gracias por hacer compras con nosotros.

Single Number 1 location auto-response Package: Contracts are signed for a 1 year commitment. Each location requires its own Txtcore auto-response number. Services include: (1) 10-digit local number which will respond to desired custom texts. UNLIMITED TEXTS, NO CHARGE PER TEXT. NO EXTRA HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE. Your number will respond to your customers or employees text explaining where items are located in your store or warehouse. Unlimited items, unlimited keywords. Call us today to find out more about the Txtcore Find It By Text Message System. 1(888) 641-1118 or email us at info@txtcore.com

Unlimitted Texts

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Additonal Languages

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We can program any language

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Forget expensive servers, SMS gateways, advance programming and electricity for thousands of stores. And lets not forget about the staff that it takes to support such a huge task. We handle it all in house for you with our advance SMS gateway topology and private software platform. We give you access to our online web portal where you can administrate it all or just analyze some data with our most advance data mining reports and queries that were never possible until now!